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Deep Dive into ProTerra - My Favorite EV Company

Established: 2004.

CEO: Dale Hill - started company in Golden, Colorado.

“The ProTerra ZX5 can be equipped with 675 kWh of energy storage, to deliver up to 329 miles per charger, which represents the longest drive range for any 40 foot bus available in the market today”

ProTerra has already more than 17 million service miles in heavy duty applications. They specialize in transit buses, last-mile-delivery trucks, coach buses and shuttles and have already sold more than 1,000 electric buses to more than 130+ communities across 43 US States and Canadian Providences. ProTerra has already prevented more than 90 Million pounds of greenhouse gases and avoided burning some 5 million gallons of fuel.



EV Ecosystem:

Energy Storage, Electric Batteries, Charging Stations and Bus Manufacturing.


Public Transit, Commercial Transit, Airports, Universities, Schools & Last-Mile Delivery



Reasearch & Development Lab :

Silicon Valley - Burlingame, CA. 34,400 Square Foot Facility.

West-Coast Manufacturing plant :

Walnut, California - 157,000 Square Foot Facility.

East-Coast Manufacturing Plant :

Greenville, South Carolina.




Vehicle Manufacturers (OEMs) can partner with ProTerra to transform their commercial vehicles into electric vehicles. Partnership: Daimler, Optimal, BusTech, Komatsu, Volta Trucks.

ProTerra Drivetrain

ProTerra drivetrain features two electric motors that enable industry-leading efficiency and greater power characteristics:

A SINGLE 250 kW magnet drive motor known as the ProDrive (pictured above). The standard option for the ZX5 transit bus enabling up to 22 miles per gallon (MPGe) 5x more than a standard diesel bus. ProDrive also enables regenerative braking for the most efficient use of energy while reducing strain on the brakes.

ProTerra DuoPower drivetrain is for commercial vehicles with more demanding condition and tougher terrains such as steep hills, extreme weather, and/or longer routes. The DuoPower provides greater horsepower, 550 horsepower to tackle steep hills with grades up to 27%.

ProTerra Batteries

Industry leading energy density for maximum range. Able to withstand harsh environments. Safe and Reliable. The best batteries start with the best cells. ProTerra Barries are made using cylindrical cells that can handle rapid charging, industry-leading energy density, and heavy cycling. Cells enter the battery pack. Each pack is able to withstand heat, cold, vibration and submersion. In the case of a cell malfunction, the problem is isolated to one specific cell, will not spread to neighboring cells. The design is able to fit any commercial vehicle. They are smart, safe & durable, as well as efficient.

S - Series Batteries

113 kWh of energy storage per pack.

H - Series Batteries

25-75 kWH of energy storage per pack


ZX5 Transit Bus.

S1LF Shuttle Bus from Optimal (pictured below).

ZDi Transit Bus from Bus Tech


ProTerra Charging Systems:

Larger Fleets 10+ vehicles:

ProTerra 1.5 MW Charging System

1.5 MW system can charge up to 40 vehicles in a single charging cycle. 20 simultaneously and then automatically switching to the next 20 in line.

Smaller Fleets Up to 10 vehicles:

Charging stations of 75 kW, 150 kW, 250kW, 500kW and also the Dispenser.






ProTerra will produce 17 electric buses to Chicago.


Editor-in-Chief Statement

ProTerra already owns 50% of all electric buses in the United States & Canada. They appear to have great news released almost every week. ProTerra has positioned itself to become a leader during this massive transition to electrify public transportation. Of all the EV Companies, ProTerra is my favorite. I have already invested over $22,000 in (NYSE: ACTC) and believe in huge things for the company moving forward.

Alan Dowden

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