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2 Companies to Watch in Kentucky brings you an article about the commonwealth state, Kentucky and 2 companies that has and subscribers invested.

Nestled at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, the small town of Berea, Kentucky is breaking ground to something big. A transformation away from traditional farming is taking place. Berea just announced the ground breaking of a 15 acre high-tech greenhouse, the third of its kind from this Kentucky-based company.

Deep within the Appalachian Mountains, a mining company has created a rare metals subsidiary. Shifting their focus away from coal, and towards a variety of minerals, including Lithium and Cobalt, used in the Electric Vehicles, magnets and other technologies.

Follow into a state known for the Kentucky Derby, Louisville baseball bats, Civil War history and moonshine. Kentucky has raving about the future.


1. AppHarvest ($NOVS)

The Triple Crown

1. World's largest greenhouse 70 acres.

2. A day drive to 70% of the US population

3. 2nd greenhouse - 60 Acres

The High Tech farming company IPO'd early October.

Talk show host and cooking guru, Martha Stewart, is on the board.

AppHarvest has raised half a BILLION dollars

This High-Tech farming company has invested.

Although not an EV industry company, it is a great way to diversify a portfolio.

Editor-In-Chief, Alan Dowden, is intrigued about alternative tech and healthy lifestyles.

*(More about Alan Dowden below)*


2. American Resource Corporation

American Rare Earth ($AREC)

American Resource Corporation has a new rare earth subsidiary.

Will focus on rare minerals lithium & cobalt.

Works with the University of Kentucky.

Currently @ $1.49 per share

Video Below!

Recently had a direct offering of 5.2Million shares @ $2.50 had 1,000 Shares @ $2.46

the morning they announced the rare earths subsidiary.

96% in one hour!

Today price at $1.49 requires attention.

$AREC is a magnet & core battery company.

Will use environmentally friendly methods of extraction.

Big part of the Electric Vehicle future.



The world I studied about when I was majoring in International Sustainable Development is finally coming to life. My knowledge, ability to research, burning passion, and intrigue about all things, has placed me in a position of influence. I have already been asked to review investor's portfolios, engage in meetings, connected to brainstorm the future of EVs, research other companies, while simultaneously become a financial advisor for close friends, family and other loved ones. has over 16,000 views, over 30 articles and will be announcing new developments soon. Thank you for all your support, and as always.

"Know what you own".

-Alan Dowden

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