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3 EV Companies Headed to the NYSE?

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Dallas, Texas - With todays Department of Energy grants ($2.5B to 20 EV companies), EV-News is wondering if these 3 OTC stocks will ever be on the New York Stock Exchange?



(OTC: ABML) Tonopah, Nevada is a wasteland that has a couple old hotels, an outdoor mining museum, and is home to lithium-rich land. Take my word for it, I have been there. American battery technology company owns more than 10,000 acres and just complete phase 2 of their drilling. This brings their total number of drill hole sites to 22. The Department of Energy grant provides $57M to invest in a lithium processing plan. Capable of 5,000 tons per year with capacity of up to 30,000 tons.

About 200 miles to their north in Reno, Nevada, American Battery Technology Company is building their primary focus, lithium ion battery and rare earth magnet recycling. expects ABML to be up-listed into the New York Stock Exchange.



(OTC: SYAAF) Vidalia, Louisiana is processing graphite that is mined in the south-eastern African Country of Mozambique. A simple state department travel advisory cautions not to travel to Cabo Delgado Province. Guess where Syrah resources graphite mine is located? Correct! Balama Operation is in Cabo Delgado Province. (Link to reopening of Balama due to strike). The graphite from Mozambique is used to produce active anode material (AAM).

Vidalia received DOE funding to further expand phase 3 of their plant. Their current production is 11,500 tons per annum (tpa) of AAM. The expansion will allow that number to increase to 45,000tpa. The AAM industry is expected to be 500,000 tpa of AAM by 2026. Syrah is the only company outside of China producing AAM.



(OTC: TLOFF) In the frozen northern states of Minnesota and North Dakota, Talon Metals Corp is building the United States' domestic Nickel mining and processing supply chain. Located 58 miles west of Duluth Minnesota, the Tamarack North Nickel mining project has already captured the attention of Elon Musk himself, leading to a supply agreement signed between the two companies. With an $114M investment from the DOE to process nickel in the neighboring state of North Dakota, Talon Metals is positioned to monopolize the nickel supply chain in the United States.

Although [they’re] called lithium-ion, the actual percentage of lithium in a lithium-ion cell is approximately 2%,” Elon Musk at Tesla’s 2016 shareholder meeting. “Technically, our cells should be called nickel-graphite, because the primary constituent in the cell as a whole is nickel.”


Editor-In-Chief Statement

I have visited Tonopah, NV and met with 2 local lithium exploration companies. One is publicly traded American Lithium OTC: LIACF and the other was Luna Lithium. It appears that American Battery Technology Company is further ahead then either of them. That is strictly the lithium mining exploration division and not including the li-ion battery, and Rare Earth recycling as well as building a lithium processing plant. It presents itself as a unique opportunity. Syrah has delays due with human right and work issues in an extremely unsafe province of Mozambique. Their domestic AAM facility in Louisiana is the only one of its kind outside of China. Talon metals not only has Tesla, but also has the majority of a 60/40 joint venture partnership with Rio Tinto (NYSE: RIO) Do you think either of these companies will one day trade on the New York Stock Exchange? It would not surprise me if that is the case.

Alan Dowden

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1 commentaire

20 oct. 2022

Awesome article. Ryan - CEO of ABML/ABTC killed it today being one of 3 called by the Sec/Biden to speak at today's award meeting. He is the GOAT in that space and all the Tesla people flocking to work for ABML reinforces that view. GL!

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