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3 OTC Stocks to Own

Updated: Nov 23, 2020 brings you 3 OTC (Over The Counter) stocks that are related to the EV industry that could see astronomical growth, as EV stocks have.


DSG Global ($DSGT)

DSG Global is a Vancouver, Canada based technology company, that has a subsidiary automotive division, Imperium Motor Company. Imperium Motor Company has exclusive distribution rights for 2 Chinese Electric Vehicle companies:

Zhejiang Jonway Automobile Co.

Jonway Automotive Co. began in China in 2003. Specializing on three and five door SUVs, Jonway has over 500 dealerships in China and has started a distribution network in Italy.

Skywell Automobile Group

Skywell is the real money maker for DSG Global and what has invested.

Skywell is a Chinese company that was founded in 2011. They manufacture their own electric buses and electric vehicles. DSG Global has the exclusivity to market and distribute Skywell's new SUV (ET5) as well as their electric buses to North America.

*The Skywell ET5 is a nice looking SUV. Price tag is under $30,000.

Skywell also sells other vehicles that will also be coming to North America soon.:

This stock is bringing about quite a bit of hype.

It grew 41% on November 20th.

Have been hearing everything from:

"Will not sell until double digits"

"Will be listed on the NASDAQ"

"Is the next NIO, XPEV and LI Auto" is excited about DSG Global and their partnership with Skywell.

I also like the ET5 and think it is a great looking SUV.

The EV industry is on fire. Keep an eye out for this OTC.

Price Per Share : ($0.36)


Standard Lithium ($STLHF)

Standard Lithium is one of the only lithium producing companies in the United States.

Their project "LANXESS PROJECT" is located in southern Arkansas.

From the Brine, Standard Lithium will be able to extract battery grade lithium.

*Standard lithium is currently in Phase 1.

Standard Lithium has even been praised by Elon Musk.

Standard Lithium could get a contract from an EV company, similarly to Piedmont Lithium. is very bullish on Lithium.

Standard Lithium is already producing lithium.

With most mining companies expecting growth in 2022,

Standard Lithium could see massive gains sooner than that.

*The last 6 Months has been bullish,

Price Per Share: $2.25


American Battery Metal Corp -

American Battery Technology Company ($ABML) has had many discussions about what will happen to all those lithium-ion batteries once they are no longer in use. Most people believe that once they are no longer used in the solar panels or electric vehicles, they will go straight to a landfills. HOWEVER, soon there will be a solution to these problems.

What makes this company so intriguing is that not only with they be recycling the lithium ion batteries, they will also be extracting their own lithium and then reprocessing it for use.

With only 5% of lithium-ion batteries being recycled today, American Battery Metals Corp is positioned to make an immediate impact. With their production facility set to open in early

2021 and their proximity to both TESLA and Panasonic factory in Nevada, this company has invested.

Price Per Share: $0.16


Editor's Statement

OTC stocks come with their own risks and I highly recommend everyone to do their own due diligence regarding these kind of stocks. After having invested in quite a bit of OTCs these are the 3 stocks that I personally like the most. There are many OTC to check out. Hopefully these 3 will make it on your portfolio and find great growth and profits.

Alan Dowden

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