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4 Electric Battery Companies

Updated: Nov 22, 2020 brings you 4 Electric Battery companies to invest in.



Microvast is the most intriguing of the battery companies that has researched.

Has 2 manufacturing plants.

One in Huzhou, China and the other in Brandenburg, Germany,

The German plant will be completed in December of 2020.

Will begin production in March 2021.

Microvast focuses on the electrification of Public Transit.

With their Ultra Fast Charging, Microvast batteries recharge in 10-15 minutes.

A Clean City incentive that includes:

Currently in 19 countries, 170 cities and already 35,000+ systems:

Microvast is currently trading under Tuscan Holdings ($THCB)

Price Per Share: $10.25



Romeo power is a company that specializes in electric powertrain batteries for larger commercial vehicles, and some of their customers are:

Workhorse ($WKHS)

GreenPower ($GP)


Peterbilt ($PCAR)


Romero Power is expected to benefit greatly from the UPS contract,

since their customers are both Workhorse & Oshkosh.

Could receive $2Billion from UPS contract if Workhorse wins*

*According to Roth Capital Partners.

Romero Power is currently trading under RMG Acquisition ($RMG)

Price per share: $10.28


3. QuantumScape ($KCAC)

QuantumScape claims that their solid-state batteries are the solution for Electric Vehicles.

The batteries are faster charging and can be produced at a lower cost.

It has many companies and even Bill Gates invested: understands that QuantumScape is still years away from Production.

2021: Product Development & Site Selection/Design

2022: Construction on Manufacturing Plant

2023: Production and Expansion

QuantumScope is currently trading under Kensington Capital

Price Per Share: $19.30


4. CBAK Energy Technology ($CBAT)

CBAK Energy Technologies has been manufacturing in China since 2005.

This Lithium-Ion battery company produces batteries for:

Electric Vehichles, motorcycles, bicycles, forklifts, and even electric storage.

Their Industrial Base is located in Dalian, China.

Earlier this year, CBAK Energy Technologies entered an agreement with Haier.

Agreed to help produce smart home appliances.

In 2009, CBAT was approved as a battery supplier for HP ($HPQ) & Dell ($DELL)

CBAK Energy Technologies is currently trading under CBAT

Price Per Share: $7.65


Editor in Chief Statement:

Having an EV Battery Manufacturer is an essential part of the EV industry and a great way to diversify your portfolio. Of the above mentioned, I find MicroVast most appealing. CBAT has been around the longest, and has benefited the most from the recent Chinese EV take off ($NIO, $XPEV & $LI). Romeo Power is an Electric Vehicle Battery Company that can highly benefit from the up-coming UPS contract. As for QuantumScope, their solid state lithium battery might be the way of the future, and if you are going to follow the money, Bill Gates is an investment. has a small position in CBAT & RMG.

In the end I don't think there is a wrong choice. will begin a position in MicroVast.

Alan Dowden

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1 Comment

Nov 28, 2020

I was worried that QuantumScape would do the merger-day plunge, just like other's have done once the ticker changes. This one, however, was massive. I'm up 88% on QS. Since I'm committed to holding long on most of my QS position, I know a time will come when it will bottom out, and then soar again. Still, today was fantastic... lots of sympathy momentum with all the battery companies.

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