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Australian Lithium and Canadian Rare Earth Stocks

A diversified EV portfolio is key to making substantial money. Within the EV industry there are several sectors; the vehicles themselves, the charging stations, the electric batteries, and the minerals needed for the batteries and motors. The minerals needed for the EV industry is essential and crucial to its ultimate success. Today, I am proud to bring you 2 stocks that require your attention.


Lake Resources ($LLKKF) ($0.27 USD)

Lake Resource was just given a BUY rating from Roth Capital with a price target of $0.60 Australian Dollar (AUD) which is $0.47 USD. (LINK ATTACHED BELOW). Not to mention, Lake Resource has indirectly/directly been invested by Bill Gates, who has also invested in electric battery company QuantumScape ($QS).

I am currently holding 13,500 shares.


Medallion Resources (MLLOF) ($0.50)

China has banned the export of rare earth minerals. Why is this a problem? China owns the majority of the rare earths. While you can have your own personal opinion on this matter, I see this as an opportunity. An opportunity that has allowed me to profit on already.

I invested into Mountain Pass ($MP) at $17 and sold at $40.

I am still holding my $AREC with a $1.52 average, it is currently over $6+. I will be buying anywhere from 1,000 to 4,000 shares.


Editor in Chief Statement

I encourage everyone to do their own research into the companies. I will be holding onto LLKKF for a while (was previously planning on selling at around $1). I will most likely hold until I can turn that profit into either $RTP, $ACIC or $ALTU. I will notify everyone when I sell. Best, Alan Dowden

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