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Blink Charging Acquires BlueLA

Blink Charging has recently announced that they have acquired Blue LA - an electric car sharing program in Los Angeles, California.

Blue LA has a fleet of over 100 electric cars has a battery range of over 125 miles. Blink Charging, already located in Greece, Israel, Dominican Republic and Panama, is making a larger presence for themselves in the United States.

So how does the Electric Car Sharing program work?

Upon further research it appear that Volkswagen also has an electric car sharing program that is along the west coast of the United States.

BLUE LA and most of the EV innovations and companies are mostly concentrated in California, further proving that the EV industry is still in it's infancy stages and needs to further expand to the rest of the country.

Blink Charging ($BLNK)

Located in 6 different countries, 3 continents, Blink Charging has grown continuously for the last 3 months and the outlook is electrifying. Partnered with a Greek company, Blink Charging is looking to expand, especially in Latin America.

Their stock after 2020 Q2 earnings was $12.65 on

August 13, 2020

The United States, Canada, and most of Europe are vast areas and while it has it's share of big cities, the majority of the aforementioned places do not live in high rise apartments. The in-garage charging boxes and outdoor charging stations are preciously what works and helps the EV Industry gain momentum outside of China.



With SBE- Chargepoint currently at $13.94 it is time for Blnk to make a run!

Alan Dowden

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