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Investing News - Biden is Visiting ProTerra on 4/20

Updated: Apr 13, 2023 is proud to bring you huge news for ProTerra (NYSE: ACTC)


April is Earth Month

Happy 4/20

Today, Biden will be taking a virtual tour of ProTerra's east coast plant in Greenville, South Carolina. With the infrastructure plan estimating $268B going to the EVs, visiting ProTerra on 2 days prior to Earth Day is a sign to BUY! Link to Article.


Yesterday, VP. Kamala Harris visited Thomas Built Buses, an American electric bus company in North Carolina. Earlier this year, it was announced that Maryland has placed the largest electric school bus order ever, and the batteries will be supplied by ProTerra.

Look at the ProTerra Charging Station behind VP. Harris:


ProTerra (NYSE:ACTC) is currently priced at $14.97

(I use Fidelity to buy stocks, use Robinhood for user interface)


Statement from Editor- in - Chief

For those of you who know me, ProTerra is my favorite EV company. With the administration visiting both Thomas Built Buses and ProTerra, I am extremely optimistic about the electrification of our public transportation, and most importantly for ProTerra

My position is 1,250 shares


Alan Dowden

Editor-in-Chief of

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