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EVBox - Europe's Charging Stations

Amsterdam, Netherland - A city known to the world for its famous red lights, green plants, bicycles, and endless canals, an electric charging station revolution began here in 2010. EVBox, born in Amsterdam, the Silicon Valley of Charging Stations, has reached a definitive agreement with TPG Pace Beneficial Finance Corp. ($TPGY) to join the NYSE.

EVBox is in an attractive situation with Europe's accelerated EV plans. With the majority of European countries banning the sale of Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) by 2030, the total sales of electric vehicles and the infrastructure needed will dramatically increase.


Europe's push for Electric Vehicles:

"Europe presents a unique opportunity for the EV space. They are aggressively pushing their EV agenda and EVBox offers investors a chance to get into Europe's booming EV sector." - Alan Dowden


Compared to North American Leader - ChargePoint ($SBE):

*Thank you @TheSPACGuy for this comparison*

EVBOX has the better projected growth in 2021, based on the information already shared above. They have also already delivered more charging stations and are expanding into North America. EVBox has intrigued.


Editor in Chief Statement

EVBox allows investors to diversify their portfolio and own a piece of Europe's EV sector. I am currently very US heavy, some Chinese stocks and will begin a position in EVBox to diversify into Europe. My prediction is that EVBox will see more growth than Blink (although Blink is looking at Latin America) and would not be surprised if one day it surpasses Chargepoint. Europe appears to be years ahead of the US in its electrification goals.

Alan Dowden

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