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Federal EV Incentives COULD Change - Made in the USA ONLY! is proud to announce the EV companies that would benefit from the United Auto Workers (UAW) stance. GM recently announced that EV production would occur in their Mexico Plant. The UAW now wants the Federal Tax Rebate to be for US Made EVs ONLY.


United States EV Manufactures



Voltage Valley, Ohio

Production of the Endurance - the first Electric Pick-Up truck, to be completed by September 2021. While consumers can purchase one of these Pick-Ups for $52,500, Lordstown Motors is unique because their target customers are businesses & federal transportation fleets.

Manufacturing plant capable of 600,000 vehicles per year.

Can't Afford the Endurance?

Invest in Lordstown Motors Stock.

How to Invest?

*I invest using Fidelity

WARNING: Lordstown Motors, a start-up that owns an old GM manufacturing plant, is experiencing growing pains, hence the low price. Please research before investing.



Detroit, Michigan

The GMC HUMMER EV Edition 1 is already SOLD OUT and will be available in Fall of 2021. Quite impressive for a vehicle that is priced at $112,000 and have 250+ Miles of Range,

The HUMMER EV plant- named Factory Zero is capable of producing 250,000 BEVs annually.

Can't Afford the Hummer EV?

Invest in General Motors.

How to Invest?



Casa Grande, Arizona

Production on the LUCID Air will be complete by the second half of 2021. The "Challenger" to TESLA is capable of 500+ Miles of Range and a price tag of $69,900

Lucid's plant is capable of producing 30,000 EVs annually.

Can't Afford the Lucid Air?

Invest in LUCID stock.

How to Invest?



Austin, Texas

The 2022 Cybertruck could be driving around a street near you by the end of 2021. TESLA adds a unique vehicle to the already popular Model S, 3, X, Y. I see what you did their Elon.

TESLA's GigaFactory in Austin, Texas will produce the Model Y

*Photo: March 29th, 2021

Can't Afford the CyberTruck?

Invest in TESLA.

How to Invest?



Dearborn, Michigan & Kansas City, Missouri

Production on the Ford Mustang Mach-E will be made in Mexico. The F-150 and the Transit will be made in the United States. The F-150 set for production in mid 2022, will be $70,000.

Can't Afford the electric F-150?

Invest in Ford stock.

How to Invest?


Interactive Learning

Visit - Map of the Automotive OEMs Plants in the USA


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