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How to Trade Hyliion ($SHLL)

Can other stocks help bring insight?

Take a look at the charts below.

They both look awfully similar right?

The charts mirror each other,

and have upcoming important dates:


$FMCI - Forum Merger II.

A holding company for Tattooed Chef,

a plant based food company that could reach Beyond Meat's stock price.

**Tattooed Chef was set to merge on Sept. 28th, however, on Sept. 24th at 8:30am EST shareholders will be asked to vote on an extension to compete the merger on October 30th.**

$SHLL - Tortoise Acquisitions

The holding company for Hyliion,

an electric/hydrogen vehicle company that specializes in Class 8 truck PowerTrains.

"As investors decide when to sell or buy Hyliion ($SHLL), encourages shareholders to keep a close eye on Tattooed Chef ($FMCI). Both companies could easily foreshadow whats to come. -Alan Dowden


In this new reverse-merger world the stock market lives in, it is a good idea to pay close attention to how other holding companies react. believes this information can be useful to those who are not sure when to invest and/or sell.

-Alan Dowden

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