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Lion Electric (NYSE: LEV) Receives Order for 200 Electric Buses

Langs Bus Line, based in Montreal, Canada has placed an order for 200 all electric LionC buses.


Bought 75 shares of Lion Yesterday

Intention is to own 1,000 Shares by Summer of 2022.


Lion Electric (NYSE: LEV)

Lion Electric is a Canadian based EV company.

Highlights of the company:

Partnership with Amazon:

Building the US' largest electric bus and truck manufacturing plant in in Joliet, Illinois:


Editor in Chief Statement

As a huge Proterra enthusiast and investor, Lion Electric presents a similar investment opportunity. I am planning to hold 1,000 shares by Summer of 2022 and then would like to hold them for the long term. Having a large and diversified EV portfolio is what is important to me financially.

Current Position: 75 shares at $9.96


Alan Dowden

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