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Lithium Supply Chain: US Edition

In the United States there are not many places to mine Lithium, a much needed element found in Li-ion batteries. Therefore the United States DOES NOT have a domestic nor sustainable supply chain. These 3 Lithium corporations will be able to produce 100 tons/year.


1) Piedmont Lithium

Charlotte, North Carolina

Tucked away in North Carolina, Piedmont Lithium quietly received a 5 year contract with TESLA to supply lithium in late 2022/2023. The agreement can be extended an additional 5 years. With Piedmont's mission to be a strategic domestic supplier of battery-grade lithium to the growing electric vehicles and battery shortage markets in the United States, Piedmont is positioned for success. It is also ideally located in the USA's Auto Alley.

Piedmont Lithium will produce 22,000 tons annually.

Invest in Piedmont Lithium Stock.

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2) Lithium Americas

Thacker Pass, Nevada

Lithium Nevada, a subsidiary of Lithium Americas, was approved (Jan. 2021) to begin the mining process of Thacker Pass by the Bureau of Land Management. Thacker pass is the largest know lithium resource in the United States and the second largest in the world. Thacker Pass will be able to produce 60,000 tons annually

*Thacker Pass is 3 hours from TESLA's Nevada GigaFactory.

Invest in Lithium Americas Stock.

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3) Standard Lithium

El Dorado, Arkansas

Labeled as Lithium City, USA - El Dorado - the Golden, Arkansas is already producing on what many analysts are now calling "white gold" or the new "gold rush". Being one of the few companies in the United States that actually has product, puts them at an advantage in the race for lithium. Potential partnerships could be just months, weeks or even days away.

Standard Lithium will produce 21,000 tons annually.

Invest in Standard Lithium Stock.

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Editor-in-Chief Statement

The United States has an opportunity bring the Lithium supply chain home. With these 3 companies producing over 100 tons of Lithium per year, this will help the United States in the global race for EVs and energy dominance during the next 5 decades. Would you like to learn more about the EV industry? Are interested in investing?


Alan Dowden

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