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My Top 3 Companies Moving Forward + an Honorable Mention

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

I have been reviewing my finances and want to share my top 3 companies moving forward. As much as this is part of my financial plan, it is not financial advice. These are the reasons why these 3 companies have become or will become the largest positions in my portfolio. I don't intend to sell until I need the money, can semi-retire, or in the year 2035, whichever one happens first. Here are those 3 companies:


Proterra (NYSE: PTRA)

Proterra will be opening a new battery manufacturing plant a couple of miles away from their Greenville, South Carolina bus assembly line facility. Leaders in the commercial vehicle battery space with 13 partnerships sets them years ahead of the competition. Add the support from the current administration, Proterra will be benefactors of the EV bill. Besides being a heavy investor, I foresee myself working for Proterra. I have visited the South Carolina area and would love to live in that area one day.

The new Battery manufacturing plant will be located in Spartanburg, South Carolina and set to open in August of 2022. This will be Proterra's largest manufacturing facility to date and most importantly will make battery packs. Proterra is not just a bus company. Their battery technology is used all across the world with companies such as Light eMotors and Volta Trucks.

My Position: 3000+ shares


Lithium Americas (NYSE: LAC)

This stock been instrumental in my investing success. I am currently up over 180% with no intention of selling. With production in Argentina right around the corner, contracts are anticipated any day. Thacker Pass is a plus that absolutely must happen. Waiting for the final permits from the Nevada Judge Miranda Du. I will be posting a video regarding the lithium supply chain soon and will talk about why this has to happen. Mining Thacker Pass will solve our supply chain to become lithium dependent from the rest of the world. Thacker Pass has already received approval to mine from the Bureau of Land Management. If Thacker Pass does not produce, I would be so upset in the United States and in the world we live in. I would need a hiatus from life and enjoy the beaches of Spain.

Cauchari-Olaroz in Argentina

My Position: 1,000 Shares


Tritium (NYSE: DCFC)

A RARE - All in BUY on Tritium was announced from the Motel Fool a couple of days ago. This Australia based company recently announced that they will be opening a new manufacturing plant in Tennessee. These DC Fast Chargers, hence the ticker symbol, are the global leader behind Tesla Super Charger network. An aspect of the infrastructure's 500,000 EV Charger bill is set to be DC fast chargers along highways. Tritium has even received another shout out from the current administration today (2/17). Tritium is currently in 41 different countries and have over 6,500 chargers installed. They have a partnership with Shell for an ungodly amount of Chargers. Tritium will continue being the leader in this space and rightfully so. I am extremely bullish and buy at every chance I can.

Say Hello to the new gas stations. Tritium's 350 KW Charger. 210 Miles in 10 mins or less.

My Position: 2000 shares.


Honorable Mention:

Freyr (NYSE: FREY)

Norway is the safest place to invest money at the moment (in my opinion). Combine safety with clean energy innovation and Norway brings the world its most sustainable battery. The Norwegian government has invested heavily into Freyr as well as Mo-i-rana, the city headquartering Freyr. With intentions to open more plants throughout Norway and a manufacturing plant in New York state, Freyr has earned my respect as a company to include in my EV portfolio.

My Position: 700 Shares + Sister has 260 = 1,100 shares.


Editor-in-Chief Statement:

The future of the EV industry is exciting and can be an investment worth making. With that said, it is important to have a personal investment plan. Something that works with you and your future goals. I have an investing plan and stick very closely to that plan. Investing can be a great opportunity, or could lead to serious financial stress. Please invest according to your financial plan. If you do not have a plan, then I recommend working on that first. Having a realistic plan set forth before ever investing can help define your strategy.

Investing requires time and dedication. I spend a lot of time researching and building my positions because I am dedicated to the EV industry and invested in financial success.


Alan Dowden

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