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Piedmont Lithium ($PLL) signs with TESLA! is proud to announce that Piedmont Lithium will be selling their lithium to TESLA for the next 5 years.

Start date to sell the Lithium to begin between July, 2022 and 2023

Agreement can be extended for another 5 year term.

Congratulations Piedmont Lithium. Notified:



@$7 - $8 is proud to have had a position in $PLL & $LAC.

Sold! Have to collect earnings.

The future for these companies are bright.

Will wait for dips to begin long term investing.

LAC and PLL will both be selling lithium in 2022/2023


Sales Agreement:


Statement from Editor-In-Chief

Congratulations to Piedmont Lithium. I believe this is the first of many articles I will write about Lithium, especially $LAC. One day it will be them announcing partnership with a major automotive company. If you are passionate about the EV industry, it can not just be about the vehicles. It has to be inclusive of all things. is here to keep you updated. Subscribe and donate. The information from is free of cost and advertisement free. With your support we can keep it that way.


Alan Dowden

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