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Rare Earth Mineral Stocks

**DISCLOSURE: is not a political website. is forward looking and sees an opportunity to invest where others might not think to look.***



As the EV & renewable energy sectors are taking off,

the demand for Rare Earth Minerals is outweighing the supply.

With International Relations extremely fragile and China passing a new law, is bringing you an article about why it is time to invest in rare earths.

China's Export Law

As of December 1st, 2020 China has implemented an export law that will restrict exports of specific rare earths that our global economy rely on:

Why is this a big deal?

China currently dominates the mining, processing, production & manufacturing of rare earths

Why is China doing this?

China is becoming a global leader in EVs, cleaner and cheaper energy, and have their own sustainability goals.

While you can make your own conclusion as to why this is happening, the truth is that without these rare minerals, specifically NdPr, the rest of the world will fall behind. sees that it is great time to invest into rare earth mineral companies.



What do the Rare Earth Minerals have to do with EVs?

The answer is simple: Magnets. is proud to announce these 3 rare earths mining companies


1. MP Materials ($MP)

Mountain Pass is a California based mine that has been in production for over 70 years.

Mountain Pass is one of the richest deposits of rare earth in the Western Hemisphere. It contains 15% of the rare earth content consumed annually.

$9.6M support from the Department of Defense.

Not many options outside of China

Revenue this year has been impressive

Long Term Investing

"The opportunity to invest in a USA based company while China is slowly closing its borders, is an opportunity can not pass up."

Chamath is also co-owner

MP Materials is trading at:



2. Lynas (OTC: LYSCF)

Lynas is sometimes referred to as the "prettiest girl in the room".

Outside of China there is no one that can compare with them.

List of Rare Earths:

Lynas will soon be Lynas Rare Earths:


Per the chart above, In April, 2011 Lynas hit an all time high.

During this time the price of Rare Earth Minerals also hit an all time high

The reason was because China decided to stop exporting Rare Earths.

Supply and demand. As China held the supply, the price skyrocketed:

We are seeing a repeat of what happened in 2009 - 2011. The real question is will the price of Rare Earths rise again? is betting on it!

Lynas is trading at:



3. American Resource Corporation ($AREC)

American Rare Earth

Potential Sympathy Play. has already written about AREC before.

AREC has created a rare earth subsidiary.

Will focus on magnets & core battery components.

Will use environmentally friendly methods of extraction.

Big part of the Electric Vehicle future.

AREC was $4.84 on October 7th

AREC was as low as $1.29 on November 11th.

AREC is trading at:



Editor in Chief Statement:

The demand for these rare earth minerals is much greater than the current supply. With China closing its doors, it is time to consider investing in these stocks. The last time this happened (2009-2011), EV and Renewables were nothing compared to what they are today. As mentioned above, Lynas' high during that time was $26+, it is currently at $3. Where will the prices of these stocks go in the future? is heavily invested in $MP and $AREC.

Will begin a small position in $LYSCF.

Alan Dowden

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