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$RIDE or DIE is gonna $RIDE.

Lordstown Motors has been upgraded:



1. 3rd largest plant in the United States

600,000 Vehicles per year.


$2 Billion Dollars in pre-sales

for the Endurance.


3. Partnership with Workhorse

Lordstown Motors ($DPHC) began as a small start up company and with aid of #generalmotors were given the rights to the mega-manufacturing plant in Lordstown, Ohio. The plant is capable of producing over 600,000 vehicles per year. How do these two companies collaborate? Workhorse works from within Lordstown Motors and Interestingly enough, Workhorse actually owns 10% of Lordstown Motors. Considering that Lordstown Motors already has $2 Billion from pre-sales, 10% of that belongs to Workhorse. Between these two companies working inside a giant automotive manufacturing plant, this area has been labeled as #VoltageValley. Lordstown can manufacture Workhorse's fleet.

*Workhorse may receive $6B to electrify their UPS/USPS feel.


4. President and VP pictured

with Lordstown Motors


5. Merger coming soon!

Lordstown Motors will merge with Diamond Peak Holdings and will become $RIDE.

The merger is expected in Q4, which starts on October 1, 2020.

Voting to approve the merger will be held in early Q4.



Welcome to Voltage Valley Article:

The EV Stock you need to Own Article:


Statement from Editor-In-Chief

After spending months studying and doing due diligence, has determined that Lordstown Motors is best positioned to succeed amongst all of the "new" EV companies in the United States. Proud to be part of this company's exciting and profitable future.

Alan Dowden

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30 sept 2020

Love ev-news. Great comments and evaluations.

Me gusta
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