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The EV, The Solar and the Recyclables is proud to welcome these 3 companies to the NYSE.

An EV company looking to make positive changes in Canada

A US based Solar company also doing work internationally

And a recycling company that is opening its doors to production in 2021.



The Lion Electric Co. is a Canadian based EV company that is looking to electrify Quebec.

Lion Electric focuses on the electric Chassis for Urban Class 6 & 8 trucks, electric powertrain for electric buses (school buses), and electric batteries.

Quebec recently announced the desire to convert all school buses to electric. 65% of all school buses in Quebec must be electric by 2030.

Lion is looking to take advantage of this.

LION is trading under ticker ($NGA)

Price Per Share: $9.98*

*$GP - GreenPower Motor Company also specializes in electric buses. It is currently trading at $16.27. At the price of $9.98, LION might be worth an investment.


SolarMax ($ALAC)

SolarMax, located in Riverside, California, may have started in California and has installed over 12,000 custom installations in the US, however their work is also international.

What makes SolarMax Unique?

  • SolarMax began its expansion into Asia in 2015 following a sweeping antipollution program championed by Chinese government leaders.

  • We have become the largest U.S.-based solar developer in China, providing end-to-end development solutions to the Chinese market that include: design, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services, operations and maintenance (O&M), as well as project development.

  • SolarMax has secured the rights to develop and provide ongoing maintenance and operations support for several utility-scale projects in the inland province of Guizhou.

What is an EPC?

EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement and Construction,

SolarMax is an EPC, meaning they customize their Solar projects. Each residential and commercial solar project has its own unique design, engineering team, will obtain their own solar panels, and will install them. SolarMax and other EPCs don't subcontract their work.

SolarMax is trading under ticker ($ALAC)

Price Per Share: $10.72


PureCycle ($ROCH)

PureCycle is offering a sustainable solution to recycling polypropylene.

PureCycle is turning plastics back into reusable resin.

In 2019, TIME Magazine listed PureCycle's Repurposing Plastic as one of the best inventions.

PureCycle is currently building their first recycling plant in IronTron, Ohio.

Production is scheduled to start in 2021.

It is expected to produce over 105 Million pounds of reusable Polypropylene.

PureCycle is working with the FDA to get their recyclables used in food grade applications.

Pure Cycle is trading under ticker ($ROCH)

Price Per Share: $10.70


Editor-in-Chief Statement

The world around us is beginning to vamp up its sustainability goals, and the stock market is beginning to welcome these companies with open arms. The world is changing around us and the opportunity to invest in this change is now available. is excited for the emergence of these electric, renewable, and recycling companies.

"The only way to achieve sustainable growth, is to invest in it"

Alan Dowden

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