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The LAST Cheap EV Stock

Updated: Sep 30, 2020


"Will announce sales in the USA in October"

"Keys in Customers hands by November"


(As of Sept. 8th)

From CEO, Paul Rivera

Currently @ $2.51,

SOLO is the last EV Stock under $4.

In fact it is the last EV Stock under $6

Vancouver, Canada Electric Vehicle based company that is revolutionizing the single commuter experience. Designed with a sole passenger in mind, $SOLO or #Electrameccanica, is the next EV stock to pay very close attention to. With a current price under $3.30 and an all time high of $6.00, the potential is massive! Look at the Chart...


What do you think will happen soon? thought 3.13 was a good price

With News and Volume - this stock has flown.

"If it happens once, it might not happen again. But if it happens twice, it will happen a third time" - The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Editor-in-Chief Opinions

If you have not read The Alchemist - Go read it.

Alan Dowden

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