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The Next $20?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Which EV Stock will hit $20 next?

(Poll at the End)


Workhorse ($WKHS)

After an underperforming Q2 earnings in sales and revenue, the stock dipped below $15 per share, however, saw green today (08/11/2020). While remaining positive on the potential USPS contract and creating more partnerships, Ryder ($R) and e-Trucks out of Cincinnati, Ohio, will we see Workhorse hit $20 before the rest?



Posted solid numbers in their earnings today and everyone sold! However, NIO is no joke. After listening to their earning's report this morning, NIO has a lot of good things going for them. July was a record month in terms of SUV sales, hiring more workers to create 5,000 vehicles per month, claim there is a Press Release coming soon about the batteries, and the BaaS (Battery as a Service) is a success that even Kandi Technologies (KNDI) is mimicking.


Lordstown Motors ($DPHC)

Recently listed on the NYSE, Lordstown motors has a mega-factory in Ohio. During Workhorse's Earnings Report, it was announced that Lordstown Motors has $1.4 Billion in Pre-Sales with the all new electric pick up truck, the Endurance. Expected to launch and produce other types of Electric Vehicles by 2021. Also announced that the merger will be complete in Q4.


Kandi Technologies ($KNDI)

Kandi Technologies recently had it's pump and hit highs of just under $20. Would another pump boost it to $20 first? Not to mention they also begin pre-sales of Electric Vehicles in the USA on August 18th.


Blink Charging ($BLNK)

Complete underdogs, but with good reason to keep an eye on, could it actually be an electrical Charging company? With new partnerships in Greece with Hellias, and expected to further expand to the rest of Europe, Blink has seen highs up to $14.58 per share. What would it take to get to $20?




Editor-in-Chief Statement.

After three earning reports this week already and the volatility of the EV-Industry, the announcement of TESLA's 5 to 1 stock split, I am not sure who will get to $20 next. I want to say potentially NIO because they seem so far a head of the USA based companies, yet I also see Lordstown Motors and Workhorse in Voltage Valley as something very special. Then again it might be another announcement of news for an underdog to take the crown. Exciting times in the EV-Industry!

- Alan Dowden

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