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The USPS Contract Winner is... OSHKOSH

Updated: Feb 23, 2021 brings you breaking news on the USPS Electrification contract.


USPS' last mile delivery trucks will all be Electric!


It is OFFICIAL - Oshkosh Corporation received the USPS contract to electrify USPS' last mile delivery vehicles! Contracted for 10 years and 165,000 vehicles, the United States is making moves to electrify the entire federal fleet.


Where/How to Invest?

Whomever is making the Batteries for Oshkosh, will profit generously - Alan Dowden

Oshkosh - $OSK

Well of course you can buy Oshkosh stock ($OSK).

Oshkosh, known specifically for military with huge defense contracts is a given.


MicroVast and Oshkosh have a strong partnership. Not to mention an already $500M previous PIPE investment from Oshkosh!

MicroVast is an Houston based Electric Battery company, with manufacturing plants in China and Berlin, Germany. They recently announced expansion in Clarksville, Tennessee!


Editor In Chief Statement

I have been invested in MicroVast since $10.38 and will not be selling anytime soon. Congratulations to a big moment for the United States and for the EV industry.

Alan Dowden

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