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TESLA Signs Graphite Contract with Syrah Resources

On December 23rd, Syrah Resources (OTC:SYAAF) announced a collaboration to supply natural graphite Active Anode Material ("AAM") for TESLA. Syrah Resources' AAM will be supplied from the production facility in Vidalia, Lousiana, USA.


Syrah Resources


Syrah Resources offer an international supply chain with the anode production completed in the United States. Balama Mine in Mozambique is the world's largest natural graphite mine.

Balama, Mozambique

Open pit mine, with a 50+ year life positions Syrah in a great position for the EV future.

Vidalia, Louisiana

Owns a 50,000 square foot building on 25 acres of land. Capable of large scale AAM. This project is essential since 100% of supply is currently from China. This facility is able to reach the US and Europe Market, lowering the dependency on China.



Graphite is an allotrope of Carbon. An allotrope means an element has two or more physical forms in which the element can exist. There are three allotropes of Carbon: Diamond, Charcoal and Graphite. Similarly with Lithium, Graphite also has a high melting point and is a fantastic conductor of electricity.

90% of US companies use Graphite, however there is no domestic production of graphite (Not yet!). The major global producers of graphite include China (70%), North Korea (10%) and Brazil (8%).

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Editor-in-Chief Statement:

With the demand for EVs on the rise, the demand for the minerals are also on the rise. Investing in mining companies are, in my opinion, the best place to put money. As more lithium, graphite, and rare earth mining companies are getting closer to production, anticipate more contracts. This reminds me slightly of Piedmont Lithium (NYSE: PLL) contract with TESLA in September 2020, that took the stock from $9 to an all time high of $88.

Alan Dowden

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