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What's in a Lithium-Ion Battery?

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

With anticipation of TESLA's battery day, is examining 3 minerals that are found in a Lithium-Ion Battery and, of course, which companies/stocks to invest in.

Without getting too scientific, lets dive deep in the battery. You ready?



This should of course be of no surprise. Lithium is the lightest element on the periodic table and is a highly reactive element. It is of course a great conductor of heat as well as electricity, which is, of course, expected.

During the past week leading up to battery day, two lithium stocks in particular have already risen over 50%.


Lithium Americas ($LAC)


Lithium Americas is a Vancouver, Canada based lithium company that currently has a mine in Argentina with almost 50% completion and will begin construction in Thacker Pass, Nevada, USA, where the largest lithium deposit in United State is located. Lithium Americas would be a long term investment as they are in the primary stage of their entrepreneurship, however has been trending extremely well lately and could also be profitable short term.

*Thacker Pass, NV is 3 hours away from TESLA's GigaFactory in Sparks, NV.

For more information, recommends following Stocktwits user Opportunity1

He will be invested in Lithium Americas for a long time.


Piedmont Lithium ($PLL)


At the time of writing this article, Piedmont Lithium has halted trading. They currently have news pending. On Sept. 17th, PLL was averaging 82,000 volume, however recently reached over 1 Million in volume. On Sept. 18th trading halted. Trading is expected to resume normal trading on Sept. 22, which is ironically, the same date as TESLA's battery day. has a small position PLL and is excited to see what the news will be.

Piedmont Lithium is currently mining in the Carolinas Tin-Spodumene Belt. As of August 26th, 2020, Piedmont has begun drilling further to increase supplies to reach Lithium demand.

It appears unlikely that TESLA will be looking east-coast for Lithium, however Piedmont is strategically located along the USA's Auto Alley.




A global, sustainable, and environmental lithium technology company, Livent, powers everything from to handheld devices to Electric Vehicle's batteries. Livent's global network spreads to the United States, England, China, India and Argentina. Check out the video down below. Industries that Livent are already involved in are the aerospace, automotive, energy storage and battery systems. #Livent was interviewed by Forbes Argentina, with CEO Paul Graves stating that Livent expects to export more than $2 Billion worth of lithium from Argentina alone.

OTC Stocks:






OTCMKTS: LMRMF ($0.04) (Both Lithium & Graphite)


*** is primarily focused on the NYSE, however these stocks needs to be mentioned. Finding companies early that might one day be traded on the NYSE in the future is a great way to potentially make massive profits. ***



Graphite/Graphene is a allotrope of Carbon. An allotrope means an element has two or more physical forms in which the element can exist. There are three allotropes of Carbon: Diamond, Charcoal and Graphite. Similarly with Lithium, Graphite also has a high melting point and is a fantastic conductor of electricity.

90% of US companies use Graphite, however there is no domestic production of graphite (Not yet!). The major global producers of graphite include China (70%), North Korea (10%) and Brazil (8%).


West Water Resources ($WWR)


Located in Alabama, WestWater Resources plans to become the FIRST USA graphite producing company. The company that has recently declared it will solely focus on graphite and until very recently, Westwater Resources also mined for uranium and lithium. They sold their entire North American uranium business (which they will receive royalties from and have $2M worth of shares invested), solely to dedicate their entire operations on Graphite. Their Coosa Graphite Project, located in Alabama will begin its Pilot Program in Q2 of 2020 and distributing product to pre-qualified vendors. WWR processing facility will be complete in 2021/2022 with full mining of graphite starting in 2028.

WestWater Resources has also announced that they have made a significant discovery of Vanadium. Vanadium is a lightweight metal that is used in construction industry. It is mainly found in steel in particular. Once again, there is currently no USA based distributors of Vanadium, which is mainly imported from Russia, China and South Africa.


Cabot ($CBT)


Cabot Corporation, based out of Boston, Massachusetts, specializes in chemical and performance materials. Two of these materials is activated charcoal and graphene, as mentioned earlier, both are allotropes of Carbon. One of Cabot's many applications is dedicated to energy storage and on Sept. 1, 2020 the Department of Energy announced that Cabot will be a key player in achieving better performance for lithium-ion batteries. Cabot carbon allotropes can be used as conductive components to batteries. invites you to explore Cabot's interactive website.

OTC Stocks:





OTCMKTS: LMRMF ($0.04) (Both Lithium & Graphite)

*50 Miles from TESLA's GigaFactory

*** is primarily focused on the NYSE, however these stocks needs to be mentioned. Finding companies early that might one day be traded on the NYSE in the future is a great way to potentially make massive profits. ***



Nickel is a hard silver white metal. It has incredible strength as well as is highly resistant to corrosion. It is a fair conductor of heat and electricity and shows magnetic properties at 345 degrees Celsius.

Nickel is an important component to the Electric Battery because it delivers high energy density and greater storage capabilities at a low cost. While the United States in not a large producer of Nickel, their neighbor to the north, Canada,is a large producer of Nickel.




VALE, who owns nickel operations in Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, and New Caledonia is the worlds largest producer of nickel. VALE also has joint refineries in China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and the U.K. Their operation in Canada produces about 65,000 metric tons. Vale is also dedicated to sustainability, lowering emissions, and lowering waste.

ATTENTION: VALE has has 2 major mining collapses since 2015, the most recent in 2019 that killed 270 people. The mines in Brazil are being accused of not meeting VALE's promised precautionary measures, and prosecutors think a third disaster is eminent.

Please take precaution when investing.

VALE has a 95% BUY consensus from 22 analysts.

Polymet Mining ($PLM)


Located in Northern Minnesota, Polymet will be mining in the Mesabi Iron Range. Called NorthMet, it is expected to have over 170 Million pounds of Nickel. Glencore, one of the largest mining companies in the world currently owns about 72% of PolyMet's shares.

OTC Stocks:



*** is primarily focused on the NYSE, however these stocks needs to be mentioned. Finding companies early that might one day be traded on the NYSE in the future is a great way to potentially make massive profits. ***



Looking for a position that is diversified in Lithium, Nickel and Graphite?

Here are 2 ETF that are worth a look.

Amplify Advanced Battery Metals and Materials ETF ($BATT)

Has a 9% holding in $LAC and 3.91% in Livent, two companies mentioned above. Galaxy Resources OTC:GALXF was also mentioned in this article. Ganfeng Lithium CO. works directly with $LAC in their Argentina mine, with Ganfeng Lithium owning 51% of the mine rights.

Global X Lithium & Battery Tech ETF ($LIT)

A Lithium and Tech ETF with Tesla, LG Chem, Samsung, and BYD?

ETFs are a great way to diversify your portfolio and sometimes are a safer way of investing.


Editor-In-Chief Statement believes that an investment in any of these minerals and a little bit of PAYtience, investors could see quite profitable returns. The EV Industry is already showing drastic profits, and with it, metals should soon follow. encourages you take a further look into these companies before investing. has no advertisements and with your help can remain that way.


Alan Dowden

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