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The Future of Electric Batteries

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

NIO will hold a conference on Thursday 8/20.

Will discuss their "BaaS".

BaaS Vs. Charging Stations

The Electric Vehicle Industry, albeit in the beginning phases, has used 2020 to install the inevitable. The future is electric, and with this responsibility, comes great power. Electric Power that is. Lets discuss what the EV Battery future looks like, and where to invest.



Defined as "Battery as a Service", the idea revolves around an inter-exchanging of batteries and not needing to charge. The best way to understand to watch this $NIO video.


NIO ($NIO) &

Kandi Technologies ($KNDI)

Both EV manufacturers, NIO and Kandi Technologies, develop their own Charging Stations.



Recently had their 2020 Q2 earning reports and would like to admit that NIO is a top company in the EV industry. Up four times (x4) compared to 2019 Q2 sales, #1 SUV seller in China priced about 400,000 RMB ($57,500 USD), NIO also has an important aspect to their company that is often overlooked. The BaaS / Suppliers of Power.

During their Earning's Report, NIO declared that the manufacturing cost of an individual battery has diminished, while the efficiency of the chargers has surged. NIO already has BaaS systems installed throughout China.



Kandi Technologies also had Q2 earnings recently. While not as impressive as $NIO, they announced some valuable information. Kandi has expanded their vehicle sales and charging stations into China's beach resort destination province of Hai Nan 海南. Hai Nan province also established that corporate and individual income taxes will be no more than 15 percent, making it the best place to do business in China.


*Sanya, China posted below!

Kandi Technologies' charging stations are even faster than that of $NIOs.

Serving in an almost gas station function, I have difficulty imagining the BaaS system having much functionality in the United States. However, the charging stations...


Blink Charging ($BLNK)

Located in 6 different countries, 3 continents, Blink Charging has grown continuously for the last 3 months and the outlook is electrifying. Partnered with a Greek company, Blink Charging is looking to expand globally and has $16 million in cash to do so.

Look at their stock after 2020 Q2 earnings


The United States, Canada, and most of Europe are vast areas and while it has it's share of big cities, the majority of the aforementioned places do not live in high rise apartments. The in-garage charging boxes and outdoor charging stations are preciously what works and helps the EV Industry gain momentum outside of China.


Editor-in-Chief Statement

The EV Battery industry is on the rise. was extremely pleased to hear and financially see the success of Blink Charging after their earning report. I recently asked in a poll which stock is going to hit $20 next. While it is a long shot (according to the voters) it would be great to see $Blnk get there the fastest. These battery chargers are, afterall, providing the EV industry with power!

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