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The USPS Contract Company NO ONE is Talking About predicts that Workhorse ($WKHS) will receive most if not all of the 8.1 Billion dollar contract from USPS. This article is NOT about Workhorse nor Lordstown Motors ($DPHC) as everyone is talking about those two.

Workhorse and Lordstown Motors rise and fall,

All in anticipation that Workhorse will win the USPS contract.

However, there is one stock, currently @ $10.20, that no one is talking about. has a position in both Workhorse and Lordstown,

and have invested heavily in this company.


Romeo power is a company that specializes in electric powertrain batteries for larger commercial vehicles, and one of their customers is?

That's right, Workhorse

Another customer of theirs is Oshkosh, also a candidate for the USPS contract.

***Directly from Romeo Power's investors presentation - Updated in October, 2020.

$2 Billion from Contract

In this research by Roth Capital Partners, LLC - Romeo Power would receive roughly $2 Billion of the $8.1 from Workhorse.


Romeo Power IPO'd and announced a merger with a SPAC on OCTOBER 7th.

There is no way this is just a coincidence.

How To Invest?


Romeo Power was priced at $10.58

Today is even cheaper

invested on Monday


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Editor-In-Chief Statement

I predict an amazing future for the EV industry as a whole, and believe their are clear winners such as Workhorse, Lordstown Motors and Romeo Power. Once the contract is announced, will be ecstatic.

Alan Dowden

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