• Alan Dowden

The USPS Contract Company NO ONE is Talking About predicts that on Tuesday, October 13, Workhorse ($WKHS) will receive most if not all of the 8.1 Billion dollar contract from USPS. This article is NOT about Workhorse nor Lordstown Motors ($DPHC) as everyone is talking about those two.

On Friday both Workhorse and Lordstown Motors took off,

All in anticipation that Workhorse will win the USPS contract.

However, there was one stock, currently @ $10.58, that no one is talking about. has a position in both Workhorse and Lordstown,

and will be investing heavily at the bell on Monday morning in this company.


Romeo power is a company that specializes in electric powertrain batteries for larger commercial vehicles, and one of their customers is?

That's right, Workhorse

Another customer of theirs is Oshkosh, also a candidate for the USPS contract.

***Directly from Romeo Power's investors presentation - Updated in October, 2020.

$2 Billion from Contract

In this research by Roth Capital Partners, LLC - Romeo Power would receive roughly $2 Billion of the $8.1 from Workhorse.


Romeo Power IPO'd and announced a merger with a SPAC LAST WEEK.

There is no way this is just a coincidence.

How To Invest?


Romeo Power is priced at $10.58 will be

investing on Monday


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Editor-In-Chief Statement

I predict an amazing week for the EV industry as a whole, but obviously the clear winners this week should be Workhorse, Lordstown Motors and Romeo Power. Once the contract is announced, will be ecstatic.

Alan Dowden


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