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Time to Invest in Lithium?

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Lithium is an essential component found in electrical batteries and for good reason. It is one of the lightest metals on the periodic chart and exceptional at storing energy. As the technology and our understanding of Lithium evolves, it will help increase the range capability of electric vehicles, while also lowering the total amount of batteries needed in the vehicles, which will ultimately lower the price per EV.

With TESLA's Battery Day approaching on September 22, it might be time to get into these three lithium companies:


Lithium Americas ($LAC)

Lithium Americas is a Vancouver, Canada based lithium company currently has a mine in Argentina with almost 50% completion and will begin construction in Thacker Pass, Nevada, USA, where the largest lithium deposit in United State is located. Lithium Americas would be a long term investment as they are in the primary stage of their entrepreneurship, however have been trending nicely. The Current stock price is $8.68


Piedmont Lithium ($PLL)

As of late last month, Piedmont Lithium, a mining company in the Carolina Tin-Spodumene belt, began drilling once again to further increase mineral resources. Currently Priced at $7.56



A global, sustainable, and environmental lithium technology company, Livent, powers everything from to handheld devices to Electric Vehicle's batteries. Livent's global network spreads to the United States, England, China, India and Argentina. Check out the video down below. Industries that Livent are already involved in are the aerospace, automotive, energy storage and battery systems. #Livent was interviewed by Forbes Argentina, with CEO Paul Graves stating that Livent expects to export more than $2 Billion worth of lithium from Argentina alone.



Statement from Editor-in-Chief

With Battery day approaching, lithium stocks have slowly been on the rise. Is it time to invest? I'd say yes. An investment today, could pay off tomorrow.

- Alan Dowden

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