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TOP Stocks for 2021 - Safe Investments brings you the safe investments for 2021!

This is Part 1 of a Part 3 series.

The new administration has announced a historic investment of over $400B in clean energy and innovation for the next decade. With this initiative, renewable, sustainability and electric will all be solid investments during the next 10 years.


A great way to diversify your portfolio is to invest in ETFs. An ETF consists of multiple companies. When investing in an ETF you are investing in a small percentage of mutliple companies. Here are the 3 ETFs recommends for 2021.


1. iCLN ($30.79)

With the largest holding in PLUG Power ($PLUG) - contract with South Korean Government -and Enphase Energy (ENPH) - recently uplifted into the S&P500, this is a great ETF to invest in. iCLN is a perfect ETF for clean energy, solar and wind power.

2. QCLN ($86.25)

Once again PLUG and Enphase Energy make the list once again. With QCLN, you get to also own a portion of TESLA shares, China's luxury EV - NIO, Albemarle Corp - a lithium company, ON - Semiconductor, and Sunrun, the largest residential solar company in the United States.

3. PBW ($133.39)

Plug Power makes the list in all 3 ETFs. Another Hydrogen company - FuelCell also makes this ETF's top 10 holdings. It is nice to see LAC - Lithium Americas (My favorite lithium company) and WKHS - Workhorse, an electric Last Mile Delivery Vehicle make this ETF as well.



While inherently more risky, individual stocks offer stability and safety as well. EV-News brings you the following companies that are safe investments for 2021.


1. TESLA ($812)

I continue to hear words like "Overvalued, overpriced". For too long have people doubted TESLA and Elon Musk. With TESLA moving into India, the second most populated country in the world, EV-News expects big things for TESLA in 2021 and beyond. Worth a hold and it is making it on the SAFE picks for 2021. TESLA is king!

2. MAXEON SOLAR ($MAXN) ($51.20)

Singaporian based company, Maxeon Solar Technologies is a solar panel manufacturer. It is an exclusive supplier for California based solar company, SunPower. With an emphasis on clean energy and solar power, Maxeon makes EV-News' SAFE picks for 2021.

3. CABOT Corporation - ($CBT) ($48.40)

Cabot was voted, once again, as one of the United States most responsible corporation. Specializing in chemicals and performance materials, Cabot's technology can be found in almost every aspect of our modern world, including in EVs. Their website is state of the art. I recommend checking out the link below!

4. Infrastructure and Energy Alternatives

($IEA) ($19.14)

The company provides engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) for renewable energy, traditional power, and civil infrastructure. They are ranked 2nd in Renewable Energy and 12th in Solar. With the $400B investment from the new administration, this is an extremely safe and potentially huge growth company in the years to come.

5. General Electric ($GE) ($11.35)

General Electric is a multi national company that operates in Power & Renewable energy. As with IEA, EV-News expects General Electric as a safe place to invest money. GE recently aquired LM Wind Power, who intends to build their turbine blades 100% recyclable. Owners of the largest Wind Turbine in the world, found in Holland, General Electric has recovered nicely from the dip in March, 2020 and has a positive forecast in the years to come.


Editor-In-Chief Statement

2021 is going to be an amazing year for EV, Renewable and Sustainability stocks. The companies mentioned above are all worth a look. I fully expect that the ETFs will continue to grow and offer stability during the decade to come. As for individual stocks, my number one pick is IEA. I expect it to continue growing during 2021. With any of these investments, buy and hold.

Alan Dowden

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