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Why I Keep Buying

I have a vision. A vision that has turned into a purpose. An idea that has manifested deep inside my mind, heart and has now become an essential part of my identity. See, the EV industry is not just about investing for me. I work in this space and it has absolutely consumed me. There is too much volume, resulting in too much work. At times, the demand is honestly overwhelming. The company I work for, Good Faith Energy, has an important partnership with Tesla, and in return, we appear as the #1 company for certified EV charging installers on their website in Dallas - Fort Worth. Since starting at Good Faith Energy I have been fortunate to connect with EV charging companies such as WallBox, Siemens, Chargepoint, Blink Charging, SemaConnect, JuiceBar, JuiceBox, and automotive OEMs Rivian, Volkswagen, Ford, BMW, and GM. I have personally witnessed the astronomical growth month over month, quarter over quarter. To give you a little bit of perspective, in 2020 (Before Me) we installed 250+ chargers. In 2021, we almost quadruple that number with 833 installs.

This translated to us achieving $1,000,000+ in revenue and employee of month!

This year of 2022 is going to be even bigger! In the month of January, the EV department at Good Faith Energy has already been awarded a DC Fast Charger installation with a major automotive OEM. We also completed 5 commercial installations at parking garages, apartment complexes and hotels. We have also sent multiple bids for medical centers and major warehouses. We had anticipated a 2.5x growth, however, we are now re-evaluating those numbers. With 41 new EV models set to be released this fiscal year, the EV space is about to launch. I predict that when it goes, the stock prices will not come back down.


My Success

There are two points of the graph below that I would like to share with you. The first one is at the bottom, dated 10/2020. This is when I transferred all my funds from my Robinhood account and put it into Fidelity. The second one is February of 2021. I hit the jackpot and didn't sell. I put a small investment in my account and it went to the next galaxy. I didn't sell and it didn't stay in the next galaxy. It crashed so hard and is no longer an existing company. I will Venmo someone $20 if you can guess which stock I invested in. Even after hitting the jackpot and not selling, I am extremely proud of my portfolio. I have recently re-structured it to be smarter and more long-term oriented.

I am anticipating that we have not bottomed out yet, however, I keep buying like we are close to the bottom. If this is close to the bottom, I am excited for the future of my portfolio.


The Vision

The vision, or dream that I have is owning as much EV stocks as I possibly can. As mentioned prior, my work consumes me and is what I spend the majority of my time doing, I don't have much of a life outside of my purpose. I am on a very tight budget that is carefully monitored. I put all of my money into my vision. I want 1,000+ shares of all my favorite companies and have already reached my goals in several of those companies. My favorite companies include:

Proterra (NYSE: PTRA)

Lithium Americas (NYSE: LAC)

MP Materials (NYSE: MP)

Freyr (NYSE: FREY)

MicroVast (NYSE: MVST)

Lucid (NYSE: LCID)

Lion Electric (NYSE: LEV)

Tritium (NYSE: DCFC)

Solid Power (NYSE: SLDP)

Flux Power (NYSE: FLUX)

WallBox (NYSE: WBX)

Li Cycle (NYSE: LICY)

Standard Lithium (NYSE: SLI)

Snow Lake Resources (NYSE: LITM)

Indie Semi-Conductors (NYSE: INDI)

NIO (NYSE: NIO) - Anything under $20 is a BUY!

Lithium OTC Stock

And Many More!

Building a portfolio with these companies allows me to confidently live my life. I am able to do my work and watch my EV stocks, knowing that I am going to buy more. Every week the companies mentioned above have new contracts, partnerships, and expansions. An investment today is expected to have nice returns in the future. (NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE).


The Market is Red

The EV industry is the current/next greatest transfer of wealth. With that being said, it is also still in its infancy stage. This is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that I professionally and financially I am and will be part of the growth. The curse is that the novelty brings about volatility. This discourages investors and creates a level of distrust in the industry. However, if able to buy into your existing or new stocks, ETFs, bonds, etc... while the stock price is low, and focus on the return, one begins to understand that this is a gift. I can not predict the bottom of these companies' stock prices, however, I can buy these prices while I can. I have a very good friend who is a huge bear, and he is getting close to buying larger orders. That is always a good sign. He is watching closely for the next 3-6 months.


Editor-in-Chief statement:

Every successful person you meet in life or on social media has stories of patience, hard work, growth, lessons and losses, but most importantly, passion. Once you find you passion, you must go at it aggressively. Investing and working in the EV space allows me to follow my passion. Being successful in the space has come organically. Growth is experienced everyday, lessons are learned from those with more education than me, and unfortunately some losses are made. The bigger picture and daily work trends keep my negativity at bay. My positive outlook, data driven research and field expertise forecast astronomical growth.

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Alan Dowden

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