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eVTOL - The Future of Air Mobility

What is eVTOL?

It is Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing, and it is the future of air mobility. It has been gaining quite a bit of headlines as of lately, and it is my pleasure to bring to you a list of companies to keep an eye on. With that said, most of these companies will not have any product or service until 2023-2025, making them long term investments.


$ACIC - Archer

ACIC, a holding company (SPAC), has reached a definitive agreement with Archer Aviation to begin Archer to market. It has already gained a lot of attention and currently has over $1B in orders from United Airlines and is being heavily invested by Cathie Woods (she bought 377,000 shares). I have begun a small position, purchasing 200 shares.


$RTP - Joby

THIS IS STILL A RUMOR AND THEY ARE IN TALKS, NO DEFINITIVE AGREEMENT AS OF YET. Joby intrigues me the most, since Joby has acquired UBER elevate and has a continued partnership with UBER. It also has a partnership with Toyota and has even been endorsed by the Air Force. It is expected to operate as soon as 2023.

Upon Definitive Agreement, I intend to invest 1,000 shares.


$QELL/$ZNTE - Lilium

THIS IS STILL A RUMOR AND THEY ARE IN TALKS, NO DEFINITIVE AGREEMENT AS OF YET. Lilium could decide to partner with either QELL or ZNTE. Lilium is Germany based and currently features the former CEO of Airbus on their board. They also have chosen the city of Orlando, Florida as their first US city of operation. Their service will begin in 2025.



$ALTU - Aerion Aviation

THIS IS STILL A RUMOR AND THEY ARE IN TALKS, NO DEFINITIVE AGREEMENT AS OF YET. Once again, this is just a rumor and is currently in talks, however Aerion is quite appealing. While not electric, it is air mobility at its finest. Supersonic travel. The AS2 (pictured below) will be fueled by clean energy with a top speed of over 1,000 MPH. It is backed by Boeing and GE Aviation. One to put on your watchlist! Once again, not expected for service until 2023.


Editor-in-Chief Statement

The world is changing around us at literally supersonic speeds. These companies and investment opportunities are ground zero. Once again, know what you own and please do your own due diligence. Hope everyone is doing well and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Alan Dowden

Editor-In-Chief of

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